I required a replacement helper immediately and I seek out several agencies. All informed that they did not have any new domestic helpers coming in Singapore or only sent me a few profiles of domestic helpers. When I took a day or two to reply them, the agencies would tell me that those profiles are already taken and I was too late. Only Wendy from Onward Agency was very sincere in assisting me and I truly thank her for finding me a suitable helper for my family. She gave me a wide range of choices and replied all my messages promptly. Wendy is very efficient and I highly recommend her and Onward Agency.

Shamathi Silvaraju
Wendy and her team have been very prompt and helpful when I faced issues during recruitment process. Valuable advice was given and at all times, she and her team were patient with my queries. Am very appreciative of their sales service

Jia Ling
The above mentioned agency is indeed a very professional agent that prospective employers can fully trust to engage them. When we took a maid from them, we were very apprehensive after meeting up with her staff until the owner, Wendy personally attended to us, reassured us we are in good hands. And seriously, this lady is tactful, knowledgeable, professional and meticulous in her Clients / Employers / Employee- MDW handling & dealings . From the MFW arrival, to the Quarantine Facility, PCR, ART, Serology testing & medical check up, all these were smooth sailing and prompt, in my context. I do believe she may had encountered many teething issues and resolved expeditiously without worrying us. We were worried our newly arrived MFW may mix with others during SHN quarantine at Approved Facility. But she went over & above her role as an agent, regularly checked with approved facility OIC, and provide regular updates in a timely manner without any requests or demands. Thank you so much Wendy. Wow, that really calm us that all is in good hands with her! Just before taking over the MFW, Wendy was patient, and went thru meticulously with us on the many pages of documentations, contract, insurance etc. I would not hesitate to strongly recommend her and her agency to any prospective employers for transfered or newly arrived MFW and or for any working MFW already here who may need a transfer to a new homes. Rest assured, she is fair, reasonable and will go that extra steps for mutual benefits. To conclude, Wendy is professional, knowledgeable, patience & posses good PR skills. She has provided an acceptable level of service, fair to both Employers & MDW, over & above her legal obligations. Greatly appreciated the hard efforts, services & patience Wendy. Cheers, A Proud employer of a newly arrived MFW from Onward Recruitment.


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